Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preparing for an Emergency

So today Sumner County where I live is under a tornado warning. What do Atheist do if there is a tornado warning. We get prepared and don't wast time praying. Because prayer can only do things that could have happened naturally. Why wont god heal amputees?

I felt like posting this today, because I think prayer is a waste of time. How many people have been dying and instead of saying farewells people pray. People are told god cares even though you are dying of a horrible disease that he won't heal. Or people are told that their faith isn't strong enough.

I know a woman who has been in a wheelchair since childhood. She has had herself literally thrown on the ground by faith healers. And, when she still can't walk, she is told that her faith isn't strong enough. What a horrible joke. So if you are in Kansas and a tornado comes, don't pray just be prepared.
Don't wish, try. Don't wait, proceed, Don't pray, do .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Christian Books at Public School Book Fair

A fellow freethinker discovered christian books at her daughter's school book fair, in Wichita, Kansas. This is an outrage and should never have occurred. I live thirty minutes from Wichita, and frankly this doesn't surprise me at all.

It is quite common in Kansas to hear people talking about doing stuff like this. Multiple times at work people will hand me tracts. I will gladly take them with a smile, and than proceed to the trash can. Kansans love to indoctrinate. I love to spread the good word of rational thought myself, but I try not to preach to someone doing their job. I also avoid school children while preaching. As I have said in past entries I am trying to become an elementary teacher. Now, I don't discuss my faith in schools and people would get rightfully angry if I did. We need to stand up and say don't indoctrinate our children. Luckily the voice saying this is getting louder.

This story was brought to us by the friendly atheist you can get to his blog from here. The link will take you straight to the article in question.

The freedom from religion foundation has been informed and will be taking action. I wish them luck, but I think this case is a pretty straight forward violation of church and state. Christians need to realize they can believe what ever they like, but they can't force our school children to believe it.

Give me a child for his first seven years and I'll give you the man.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am physically worn out from school. Therefore I will not be going in depth with my post, but instead will give you several top atheist you tube videos. I am done with school until next Tuesday though and will resume a normal posting schedule tomorrow

A nice little video by WildwoodClaire

Richard Dawkins on his new book.
A music video by GeniusAtheist to get you thinking.
Finally a funny little cartoon by ChinnuWoW thanks for watching. There is a lot of cussing in the last one. This is how Christians act.
Remember folks with the right amount of imaginary friend chat, you can PRAY AWAY THE GAY

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I apologize for the lack of post these past two days. As I have mentioned I am a student at WSU which can take up a lot of my time. I plan on doing several post tomorrow evening to make up for this. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Judge orders Spirit One pastor to stay away from Islamic Center

Judge orders Spirit One pastor to stay away from Islamic Center

So for those of you with busy lives with me sum up this article from the Wichita Eagle.
A judge named Phil Journey sentence a pastor name Mark Holick to 12 months of probation, 300 dollars in fines, and to stay 1000 ft away from an Islamic center. The Muslims in the center were trying to celebrate Ramadan when Holick and others stood in front of the center handing out bibles. The police asked Holick to move to a public sidewalk, instead of the centers property, upon refusal he was arrested. 
"Wichita is confused," Holick said. "I am not your enemy. Islam is. The Lord said there will be no other gods before me" He also accused the city of Wichita of violating his first amendment rights.

I personally do not understand why the Christians and religious people in general don't get it.  No one cares what you believe in just don't ruin others celebrations, events, and funerals with it. Thankfully this judge used common sense and decided that Holick was infringing on the Muslims rights not the other way around. Christians just because your not allowed to interrupt another religions ceremony, doesn't mean your persecuted against, it means your pissed that you can't persecute which just makes you a bad person.

Imagine a china teapot, just ridiculous right.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Answer the Theist

I found a video that all new converts to atheism should see. These arguments have no doubt been heard by a lot of atheist, but I think for a starting atheist this could help strengthen their arguments. 

I unfortunately do not have time for a more in depth post due to school. I do hope however to visit the Atheist group at Wichita State University if possible. I would like to try to set up an interview with them and allow Kansas Atheist to have a voice. 

May Cthulhu reign blessing of death and destruction upon your forsaken realm 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gay heroes of 9/11

These are the homosexual men and women who died during 9/11. These are some of the people we have to fight for when it comes to the 9/11 memorial.

I am a Kansas atheist which means i live in the great home state of Fred Phelps. You know the God Hates Fags people. During my formative years I also heard many anti gay remarks from my peers. Religion is the enabler of hatred against this group of people. Westboro Church is just the worst we have now, but it can be much worse If we allow it.

The LGBT community honors these fallen, but outside of the LGBT they don't get much mention. When we mention that not all of the people who died in 9/11 were christian, we should mention that they weren't all straight either. Cause if there is one group Christians hate more than atheist its "FAGS" cause you know hating on the LGBT community is a way to show love.

Lets remember these people too when we protest the 9/11 cross. Nobody dies gay or straight. Nobody dies religious or non religious. Nobody dies holy or sinful. We all die as humans we are equal in death and death should not be used to press an agenda.

Live long and prosper

My God Think of the Children

This my good friends is ridiculous. Once again the christian right wingers are concerned children will learn that homosexuals exist. You have just got to love how people can be so openly bigoted, but if they read this post they would accuse me of being a bigot and intolerant. I can not understand religious people.

I would like to thank the Friendly Atheist   for bringing this video to my attention. Give him a view I thoroughly recommend his blog for everyone.

Live long and prosper


Ten years have past since a tragedy struck our Nation. This tragedy was the fault of religious bigotry and hate. It is sad that things turned out the way they did, but perhaps some good can come from tragedy.

9/11 got us talking, got us thinking. It made freethinkers take a stand against religious intolerance. Let the ten year mark stand as a symbol. A symbol of a nation striving for freedom against hate, a symbol for freethinkers and humanist to better the future, and a symbol to us all that in dark times heroes can rise. With that I give thanks to all those men and women that served and continue to serve our country.

I hope that you all spend 9/11 with your families giving thanks for and to the things and people that really matter. Don't spend your life being thankful to God cause you are alive. Spend it being thankful for the ones you love.

Live long and prosper


I missed a post yesterday and I apologize. It was my friends 21st and we decided to go out. I have to go to work at this current time, but I do promise a post later today. Thank you, for your understanding.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Atheist Sprite Comic

I am considering making a occasional sprite comic on Atheism. This comic will commit to general mockery of all religions, because its unfair to put one true god above the other true gods. I hope that this will be a success and I will keep you up to date on it progress.

In other news a comic that you should all know about is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal . Other than just being full of general humor and assholery, it has the occasional awesome atheist joke. So i encourage you to check it out. It is the reason I am considering this comic and will keep you all up to date as I have said.

To not bore you all to death here is my youtube suggestion of the day.  This is a film by the Religious Antagonist. If you haven't heard of him before check it out. He is worth watching.

I have also thought of having a different sign off on the bottom for each day. This one brought to you by the people of A-News. Check them out its well worth watching all of the videos.

Hail Sagan 

Wichita Schools.

I am currently attending Wichita State University. I consider this a fine school and i am going for a degree in Elementary Education. I want to teach about 5th grade. I am taught by former members of the school district. I am told stories of when they were in the system. I hear stories of how they got religion in their class. Wait a minute! nope, that's right religion they sneak in the classroom.

I have had several teachers over my term at WSU, not all of them have promoted religion but some have. One teacher I have at the current moment used to principle over a school of disabled children called Griffinstein Middle School. She has brought up her religion several times during class, but the statement that got me was: "At Griffinstein we were able to get away with a lot more than other schools."

Yea, the statement means what you assume. She is my social studies methods teacher and often brings religion into play. She has told many stories, about Griffinstein, most of them seem to be secular, but there is the occasional religious reference. She has pointed out several times that in our schools we might avoid it cause the students might complain. So basically if your in a special ed school you can preach cause they won't complain. Yea, not really.

Other teachers of mine will talk about giving information that openly reference god and Christianity. They say something along the lines if you can prove its a folk story or something relating specifically to a topic you can get away with it. I feel like saying something to them during this time until the rest of my class seems to be getting into the idea. So if you have kids in Wichita Schools it might be worth asking them what they learned today.

first follower

it feels good to know that i have my first follower. thank you for your support jem. i hope i can both inform and entertain you with my writings. i must also apologize for the lack of capital letters this blog seems to hate my android and im on my work break. later today i will be posting what i consider a most interesting piece. it will cover what wichita teachers are appearntly teaching kansas kids. fun. p.s. i also cant type question marks or apostrophes on here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rate of unintended pregnancies increase

Now, I found this news article about unintended pregnancies and the problems involved. In light of this Christians continue to spout the idea of abstinence only education. And the pope one of the most evil men in my opinion says no condoms. Here is an excerpt from the article and the link. I just can't believe that people allow this idea of abstinence only to continue.

I fell that this issue is of utmost importance, when we have a high chance, of a republican entering office. Even if you vote republican vote for safe sex please. Any one can see this is an issue we need to address as rational thinkers.

In the first research to document unintended pregnancies in the United States since 2001, researchers at the Guttmacher Institute in New York found that of the 6.7 million pregnancies in 2006, 49 percent were unintended. In 2001, that number was 48 percent.

The unintended pregnancy rate among poor women ages 15 to 44 rose from 88 per 1,000 women in 1994 to 132 per 1,000 women in 2006 — a 50 percent increase. During the same period, the rate among higher-income women dropped from 34 per 1,000 women to 24 per 1,000.

Prayer at the 911 memorial

I find it great that they are not allowing Christians to pray at the ceremony for 911. I don't think that they should let anybody hold a religious ceremony at an event like this. Holding a ministry there disrespects those who died that do not adhere to those religions or any religion. Are Christians to blind to realize that the reason 911 happened is religion gaining control of a country. We need to let Christians know that we love the first and fourteenth amendment and will fight to defend them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A site you all should know about

This will be the last post of my first day. I hope to do a post a day at least and cover some major issues. This last post is a site that you should all check out for some laughs and interesting topics. This a list of things Atheist have never done. Better not let the Christians know it might offend them to question beliefs.

Atheist Never

No Gays Allowed

I said that I would post information on events in Kansas and this includes my small town. I was raised in a Christian school and therefore did not have the public school experience, but last year after the fact was informed of a disturbing issue.

Its seems that Wellington High School, in Wellington Kansas, was not allowing same-sex couples to attend the school dances together. I was not involved with the school at this time and I do not believe I can prove this other than through reports from students.

I will be watching as close as possible this current school year for this type of blatant discrimination. I just felt the need to post this to show people what life in small town Kansas is like. I often hear racist and anti-gay comments like this, I do not enjoy hearing them. This is life in Wellington Kansas I will keep you all up to date on this issue if it arises this current school year.

Being a Kansas Atheist

Hello my name is Benjamin Porter and I am an Atheist. This simple statement can grant you a lot of hardships no matter where your at. I'm not sure if this is especially true in Kansas or not, but I know it has caused a lot of people to get angry at me.

When I first accepted my atheism I was 16 years old and I enjoyed the music of Bad Religion. I ordered a t-shirt of the bands and was ridiculed by one of my best friends for it. His opinion on it was that the shirt offended Christians because it had a crossed out cross on it. I told him if disagreeing with beliefs was offensive that the Christian t-shirts offended me. I will always remember the response he gave to that. His response was that one was a belief system to live your life the other denies belief systems and makes life pointless. Therefore it is an asshole move to wear a shirt that takes meaning away from peoples lives.

I've always found this interesting because I don't think my life is meaningless. I am now 21 and am still friends with this individual. I have also been yelled at by many other people because I supposedly make fun of their beliefs. Now I don't bring my beliefs up to strangers I consider that to be quite rude, but I am often asked what I believe in. I assume this is an attempt to preach to me. I than tell them what I believe and will debate against their points. At that time I supposedly become the asshole even though they asked.

So my Kansas experience seems to be people don't mind that I'm an Atheist, but i better stay quiet about it. I have heard a lot of statements and about a lot of policies that would not fly in several states. I want to blog about them and get this out there. I also want to blog my opinions (from this limited perspective) on issues in the Atheist community, and philosophy in general.

As I learn more about the site I hope that I can make this an enjoyable reading experience and share more of my story growing up in Kansas. Now a video i just stumbled upon by Meridian Frost. I found it quite intersesting.