Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Judge orders Spirit One pastor to stay away from Islamic Center

Judge orders Spirit One pastor to stay away from Islamic Center

So for those of you with busy lives with me sum up this article from the Wichita Eagle.
A judge named Phil Journey sentence a pastor name Mark Holick to 12 months of probation, 300 dollars in fines, and to stay 1000 ft away from an Islamic center. The Muslims in the center were trying to celebrate Ramadan when Holick and others stood in front of the center handing out bibles. The police asked Holick to move to a public sidewalk, instead of the centers property, upon refusal he was arrested. 
"Wichita is confused," Holick said. "I am not your enemy. Islam is. The Lord said there will be no other gods before me" He also accused the city of Wichita of violating his first amendment rights.

I personally do not understand why the Christians and religious people in general don't get it.  No one cares what you believe in just don't ruin others celebrations, events, and funerals with it. Thankfully this judge used common sense and decided that Holick was infringing on the Muslims rights not the other way around. Christians just because your not allowed to interrupt another religions ceremony, doesn't mean your persecuted against, it means your pissed that you can't persecute which just makes you a bad person.

Imagine a china teapot, just ridiculous right.

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