Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preparing for an Emergency

So today Sumner County where I live is under a tornado warning. What do Atheist do if there is a tornado warning. We get prepared and don't wast time praying. Because prayer can only do things that could have happened naturally. Why wont god heal amputees?

I felt like posting this today, because I think prayer is a waste of time. How many people have been dying and instead of saying farewells people pray. People are told god cares even though you are dying of a horrible disease that he won't heal. Or people are told that their faith isn't strong enough.

I know a woman who has been in a wheelchair since childhood. She has had herself literally thrown on the ground by faith healers. And, when she still can't walk, she is told that her faith isn't strong enough. What a horrible joke. So if you are in Kansas and a tornado comes, don't pray just be prepared.
Don't wish, try. Don't wait, proceed, Don't pray, do .

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