Friday, September 9, 2011

Wichita Schools.

I am currently attending Wichita State University. I consider this a fine school and i am going for a degree in Elementary Education. I want to teach about 5th grade. I am taught by former members of the school district. I am told stories of when they were in the system. I hear stories of how they got religion in their class. Wait a minute! nope, that's right religion they sneak in the classroom.

I have had several teachers over my term at WSU, not all of them have promoted religion but some have. One teacher I have at the current moment used to principle over a school of disabled children called Griffinstein Middle School. She has brought up her religion several times during class, but the statement that got me was: "At Griffinstein we were able to get away with a lot more than other schools."

Yea, the statement means what you assume. She is my social studies methods teacher and often brings religion into play. She has told many stories, about Griffinstein, most of them seem to be secular, but there is the occasional religious reference. She has pointed out several times that in our schools we might avoid it cause the students might complain. So basically if your in a special ed school you can preach cause they won't complain. Yea, not really.

Other teachers of mine will talk about giving information that openly reference god and Christianity. They say something along the lines if you can prove its a folk story or something relating specifically to a topic you can get away with it. I feel like saying something to them during this time until the rest of my class seems to be getting into the idea. So if you have kids in Wichita Schools it might be worth asking them what they learned today.

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