Friday, September 9, 2011

Atheist Sprite Comic

I am considering making a occasional sprite comic on Atheism. This comic will commit to general mockery of all religions, because its unfair to put one true god above the other true gods. I hope that this will be a success and I will keep you up to date on it progress.

In other news a comic that you should all know about is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal . Other than just being full of general humor and assholery, it has the occasional awesome atheist joke. So i encourage you to check it out. It is the reason I am considering this comic and will keep you all up to date as I have said.

To not bore you all to death here is my youtube suggestion of the day.  This is a film by the Religious Antagonist. If you haven't heard of him before check it out. He is worth watching.

I have also thought of having a different sign off on the bottom for each day. This one brought to you by the people of A-News. Check them out its well worth watching all of the videos.

Hail Sagan 

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